Tourism Strategy

Our current Tourism Strategy and Action Plan covers the three years from 2023 to 2026.

It guides Enjoy Staffordshire’s activity for the period and has been developed in partnership with our districts/boroughs and private sector operators. Collectively, we have agreed a strategic approach to the development and promotion of our visitor economy that will aid growth of all areas of Staffordshire.

Visitor Economy Action Plan for Staffordshire

Staffordshire Visitor Economy Action Plan 2023-26. Click to download PDF copy.Building on the recommendations of the Destination Management Partnership (DMP) Board, we have bought forward a nationally recognised Staffordshire wide Visitor Economy Action Plan (VEAP). DMPs are encouraged to have such plans in place to benefit from regional and national funding opportunities and partnerships as well as articulating the wider plans for their areas.

The development of the VEAP builds on our wider ‘We Are Staffordshire’ Place Branding work to strengthen the profile of Staffordshire on the national and international scale, with the Visitor Economy providing a key customer facing opportunity to do this.

The plan is intended to add value to existing activity and highlight where collaboration can reap greater rewards and has been informed by a review of over 50 distinct plans and strategies that relate directly to Staffordshire’s visitor economy, and indirectly to wider perspectives of culture, place, skills, towns and landscapes.

The plan focuses on where collective Staffordshire wide efforts can add the greatest value for the destination, bringing together the locally distinctive offer of our multiple attractions, rural and urban locations and other visitor destinations. By acting together with a united Staffordshire voice there is a greater opportunity to increase the dwell time and spend of prospective visitors and further highlight the area to our own residents.

Everything the DMP prioritises in the delivery of the VEAP is about stimulating future economic growth as a collective. A successful visitor economy can sustain businesses, safeguard jobs, and positively impact the lives of local residents and communities through opportunities for employment and enjoyment. Ultimately it can help shape a place that offers those who live, work, and study here a healthier work-life balance and unrivalled quality of life.

The Aims and Deliverables of the Plan are:

  • To make a strong contribution to economic growth and prosperity, supporting businesses, improving the product, and increasing the impact of marketing
  • To make a strong contribution to achieving net zero by 2050, keeping the needs of the environment, communities, businesses and visitors in balance
  • To improve the quality of life for Staffordshire’s communities and provide more opportunities for employment and enjoyment.

For the Staffordshire VEAP, we’ve focused our actions under several core areas that add value to and compliment localised strategies and will help us to grow the sector and allow it to succeed in the future:

  1. Partnership development.
  2. Product development.  Focus over the next three years will be on accommodation development.
  3. Marketing. Further customer targeting and segmentation, as well as marketing activity, packaging, and PR to attract more visits.
  4. Inclusivity and Connectivity. Focused on breaking those barriers to entry, accessing product information and booking services, and to ensuring that our offer is fully accessible and inclusive.
  5. Business Support, Skills and Training.
  6. Sustainability. Keeping the needs of the environment, communities, businesses and visitors in balance, is core to the Plan.

Download a copy of the full Visitor Economy Action Plan 2023-26 here (PDF file)