Facts & Figures

Every year we commission research into the performance of the Staffordshire tourism sector, focussing on the total number of trips (day trips and overnight stays), total visitor spend (including indirect/induced spend), and the level of employment (full time and part time).

The assessment uses the industry standard Cambridge Model, allowing the results to be benchmarked against data from similar national and regional studies.

The 2019 Economic Impact Assessment, featuring data from 2018 revealed:

  • There were over 26.975 million trips to Staffordshire
  • 25.4 million of these were day trips, with more than 1.5 million staying for one night or more
  • Total visitor spend amounted to £1.343 billion, with an additional £503 million in indirect/induced spend
  • The industry supports more than 32,421 jobs, with approx. 24,196 full time equivalent positions.  This is 6.6% of all employment

The full Economic Impact Assessment report is available for download as PDF file.

In 2017 we conducted perceptions research to determine Staffordshire’s tourism strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and benchmark the county against competitors around the country.
Over 1,000 respondents from different age groups, social grades and locations took part.
Some of the main findings included:

  • 57% were aware of Staffordshire as a visitor destination, with the Peak District and Stoke-on-Trent the most well-known areas
  • East Staffordshire and Staffordshire Moorlands were the least well-known
  • Perceptions of the county were positive, with ceramics regarded as one of the best thing about Staffordshire
  • Improving the quality and affordability of accommodation, and making public transport better and cheaper, would encourage more visitors to stay overnight

Members of Destination Staffordshire can access this research to inform and improve their own marketing and business development strategies. 
Contact info@enjoystaffordshire.com to request a copy of the full report.
We also tap in to Visit Britain’s marketing research to develop our own tourism strategy.
The latest Visit England Research and Insights are available at https://www.visitbritain.org/england-research-insights 

With funding from the Stoke and Staffordshire L.E.P., we commissioned a Staffordshire Hotel & Visitor Accommodation Study.  Please follow the link for further details.  For the full study please contact the team on info@enjoystaffordshire.com.