Local Recovery: Tourism Exchange GB Partnership

Be part of our local recovery activity. Be a key partner of Destination Staffordshire. Be part of a sales channel that works for you. TXGB.

We’re driving local tourism recovery, by partnering with Tourism Exchange GB (TXGB).

This means the opportunity to work with us to move customers from “look” to “book” on www.enjoystaffordshire.com.

To drive sales for you, to be part of our marketing activity for Staffordshire.

And to benefit from a distribution channel that offers no connection fee, and just 5% commission (10% for non-members of Destination Staffordshire).

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We’re working hard to put Staffordshire top of mind for domestic visitors in the months ahead – and we’d love you to get the most out of our recovery campaign!

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As part of our focus on business recovery, our partnership with VisitEngland and Tourism Exchange GB (TXGB), will put your business, and Staffordshire as a whole, at the heart of the UK’s post-Covid tourism growth.

Join us to understand how this partnership will form a central part of our recovery activity, what the benefits are to you, and how to connect for free to start driving sales immediately.

Find out how you can get involved by watching the webinar

What is TXGB?

TXGB is a digital marketplace, brought to you by VisitEngland.

It offers tourism businesses the opportunity to diversify their distribution, and gives distributors the ability to choose from a wide range of bookable tourism product, to add to their programmes.

What is meant by diversifying my distribution?

It means that you, as a tourism business, can choose from a selection of distribution channels, domestically and internationally, all in one place.

These range from niche operators, to OTAs, and – most importantly here – destination websites like ours: www.enjoystaffordshire.com!

It also allows you to make your own website bookable, if it isn’t already.

How is this helping local tourism recovery?

As businesses reopen post-Covid, we are investing in bringing visitors back to Staffordshire.

We want to make it as easy as possible to “know before you go”, by providing the latest visitor information on our website.

We will be driving visitors to our website through our own activity, and that of VisitEngland.

And we want it to be as easy as possible for visitors to look and then book.

By selling your product on www.enjoystaffordshire.com, you’re front and centre stage of our recovery campaign.

Where can I find out more?

Visit TXGB.co.uk to find out more, and get started.

Or call 0330 223 5050 to chat to one of the team about the benefits this partnership can bring to your business.