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This promotional campaign, called ‘Welcome to the Great Outdoors’ will showcase Staffordshire Moorlands and the Peak District to the country, encouraging visitors to make the most of their time here – be it to enjoy a local event, a walking festival or perhaps jump on a bike to explore further.

Running from May through to the end of July we’ll be promoting short breaks in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Included will be posters, social media and radio, to help increase business generally across the region.

We need your help!

With all local businesses joining us in promoting the Great Outdoors across social media, websites, publicity material and even your own shop windows, if you have one.

You can download logos, graphics and imagery on this page, or if you prefer, you can pick up a physical toolkit pack from:

Moorlands House – Leek

Biddulph Town Hall – Biddulph

Lulworth House – Cheadle

To register your business or event to feature in the campaign for FREE email: info@enjoystaffordshire.com 

What is included?

Great Outdoor Campagin - logos and information:

Logo 1 (Welcome to the Great Outdoors Staffs Moorlands Logo White background)

Logo 2 (Welcome to the Staffs Moorlands logo White background)

Logo 3 (Welcome to the Great Outdoors Staffs Moorlands Logo, White background, black shadow)

Logo 4 (Welcome to the Great Outdoors stacked logo)

Logo 5 (Welcome to the Staffs Moorlands stacked logo)

Logo 6 

GO Accomodation logo  (White GREAT text)

GO Accomodation logo 1 (Green GREAT text)

GO Culture logo 1 (White GREAT text)

GO Culture logo 2 (Green GREAT text)

GO Events logo 1 (White GREAT text)

GO Events logo 2 (Green GREAT text)

GO Experiences logo 1 (White GREAT text)

GO Experiences logo 2 (Green GREAT text)

GO Food & Drink logo 1 (White GREAT text)

GO Food & Drink logo 2 (Green GREAT text)

GO Shopping logo 1 (White GREAT text)

GO Shopping logo 2 (Green GREAT text)

Social Media call to action FB (Facebook graphic)

Social Media call to action LIn (LinkedIn graphic)

Staffordshire Moorlands Walking Festival

Friday 26th April to Monday 6th May 

As part of the Leveling Up programme, we are also working with the Staffordshire Moorlands Walking Festival organisers, to grow an already successful event and make it wider known to attract even more visitors during the spring and summer months. We ask for your support to promote this via your social media channels, shop windows and websites.

Walking Festival Website link

WF Logo 1

WF Logo 2

WF Logo 3

WF Logo 4

WF Logo 5

WF Logo 6

WF Social Media Graphics

SM Graphic 1

SM Graphic 2

SM Graphic 3

SM Graphic 4 (email banner)

SM Graphic 5

SM Graphic 6

SM Graphic 7

SM Graphic 8

SM Graphic 9

SM Graphic 10

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