It might be Blue Monday today (21st January), but there's no need to be sad - Staffordshire Day is only 100 days away!

Our huge celebration of everything Staffordshire is back on Wednesday 1st May, and once again there will be loads of ways to get involved, whether you fancy visiting one of our top attractions and places to eat, or telling the world why you love the place on social media.

Made in Staffordshire

The theme for Staffordshire Day 4 is Made in Staffordshire.

From a Range Rover or Jag powered by an engine made at JLR's South Staffordshire plant, to a Polka Dot mug fired in Emma Bridgewater's Stoke-on-Trent kilns, or even a pint of Pedigree or jar of Marmite from Burton, we all probably own something that was produced within our borders.

Celebrate great Staffordshire products

How can you celebrate our incredible manufacturing heritage? Well, you could share a picture of yourself with one of our fabulous products!

Last year, the Staffordshire Day Mugshot was a massive hit. Share one of them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, and use #StaffordshireDay - you could win a prize!

If not a Mugshot, what about something else made in our great county, like a JCB, or the humble Reliant Robin?


What else can be Made in Staffordshire? Memories!

Tell us a story of a great trip to Staffordshire. Did you come to Staffordshire on school trips, or annual pilgrimages with the family?


Have you met someone who was Made in Staffordshire?

Show us your pics with a Staffordshire star, or tell us about someone who's made a real impact on you - famous or non-famous.


Some belters have been Made in Staffordshire, from huge hits like Angels to rock classics like Ace of Spades and Sweet Child O' Mine.

Do you have one of these in your collection or on your playlist? What does it mean to you?

Film & TV

We're home to some great locations for hit movies and TV shows.

Have you seen Girl With All The Gifts, with Gemma Arterton and Glenn Close? Filmed in Cannock Chase and Stoke city centre.

Or what about Mary Queen of Scots with Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan, which was partly filmed at Tutbury Castle?

Why not share pics from these and other great locations in Staffordshire?

Get on board

Join the conversation and get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Whatever you share, make sure you use #StaffordshireDay in your post!

Let's get it trending once again and make the world sit up and take notice of our amazing home.

Other ways to get involved with Staffordshire Day

Keep your eye on our Staffordshire Day page for news of events, competitions and special offers.

Want to hold an event of your own? Email and let us know what you've got planned!