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Mystery Customer Programme with Service Science



For holders of the Taste of Staffordshire marque..
we are pleased to offer a discounted rate on a mystery customer programme with Service Science.


What are the benefits of a mystery customer programme?

You will receive a detailed report which will help you to focus on the areas most important to your customers. Most of the feedback given is a quick-fix solution which will help you to improve the quality of your operation significantly, resulting in...

  • More customers returning to experience you again
  • More customers going away and telling others how good you are
  • Customers spending more while they're with you

The feedback is also focused on the Tourism Awards judging criteria and the AA rosette programme, so the reports will help you to work towards winning future awards

Who are the mystery customers?

Service Science use real customers. People who are in your market to buy. There's a very good chance they've already been a customer of yours, and if not they'll certainly be visiting your competition. The only difference between a mystery customer and a regular member of the public is that Service Science have carefully screened them in two respects...

  • They'll have an eye for detail
  • They'll have an attitude of a ‘willingness to help' operators through their feedback, rather than a ‘willingness to criticise'

Please note that mystery customers have no ‘special' culinary expertise, as for example do the judges for the Good Food Tourism awards. The mystery customer programme is a business tool for your use and has no influence on the Tourism Awards.

How much will it cost?

Especially for Taste of Staffordshire members, each visit will cost just £85* plus VAT plus reimbursement of in-house expenses up to pre-agreed limits. This compares with a typical fee in excess of £100. 
(*Fees for banqueting/caterer visits are available on application and depend on the complexity of the scenario).

How can I order?

Simply log in on your dashboard . You can order a regular series of visits, or why not order an ad hoc one-off visit to try the programme out?

How will I receive my report?

The visits are completely anonymous and unannounced. Once the visit has taken place, you will receive an e-mail within 10 days asking you to log-in and download your report. In addition to your report, you will be able to see detailed scores benchmarking each element of the customer experience with your peers within your Taste of Staffordshire category.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Service Science on 0207 0600 722 or by e-mail

The dashboard can be found at

Good Luck!

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