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Rich's Roving Reports #6: Dinosaurs Awaken in Staffordshire!


There have been some unusual goings-on at the National Forest Adventure Farm near Burton this summer.

It's mostly known for attractions like the Funfield, with its huge bouncy pillow to jump on, and the Animal Barn, where you can meet lots of farmyard, furry and feathered friends.

I'd heard a few rumours that they had some new arrivals, which are far less friendly, so I paid them a visit for a closer look...

Startling discoveries in Staffs!

As I ventured through the Adventure Farm, past Jurassic Canyon and the JCB Big Dig Zone, I knew something wasn't quite right.

There was an eerie silence as I was given a flag and a worksheet and ushered into the briefing area, where it all became clear - they've discovered dinosaur bones and 'real' velociraptors and T-Rexs!

Trouble is, the paleontologists had all ran away, leaving me to find them all and try and escape before the dinosaurs got me!

Could I find all 10 before I became a dino's dinner?

Watch out for dinosaurs!

I entered the Maize Maze, trying not to make a sound as I followed the clues on the boards dotted around the paths.

With every rustle in the bushes, I would dive behind the huge plants, and hope for dear life that I wouldn't be discovered!

As I collected the jaw, tail and spine, and stamped my worksheet, I began to relax.

Bad move! There was a T-Rex lurking behind a corner!

Luckily they are not the fastest of creatures, and this one had a dodgy knee, so I was able to get away. Phew!

Don't be like Rich, pictured here - unsuspecting hunters will get chased by the dinosaurs!
Find all 10 of the dino bones, like the one pictured here
Fun for hunters of all ages

Entry to the Dinosaurs Awaken Maize Maze is included in your overall admission price, which is £10.95 for anyone over the age of 2.

It's free for the Under 2s and there are discounts for concessions and advance bookings.

I'd recommend investing in a map - it's only £1 and will save you lots of time and aimless walking - and there's more to enjoy when you've found all the bones, like the Raptor Run!

The Dinosaurs Awaken Maize Maze is open every day until September 4th 2016. Visit for details.

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