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Five Spooktacular Spots in Staffordshire


If you want a brush with a real ghost this Halloween, we have plenty of devilish destinations to choose from!

Here's our run-down of the top five most haunted sites in Staffordshire.

Head for Cannock Chase this Halloween and you could bump into the Slender Man, pictured here. Image courtesy SWNS.

Cannock Chase

No round-up of paranormal activity in Staffordshire is complete without Cannock Chase, considered to be one of the spookiest sites in the country.

It may be an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but it's also home for ugly ghouls like the Black-Eyed Girl, the ghost of a child murdered there in the 1960s.

Reported sightings of the girl, dressed in white with dark pits for eyes, have risen dramatically in recent years, and investigators have descended in droves.

Why not see if you can spot her yourself this Halloween? You might feel the presence of the Slender Man too - there were many sightings of the tall, razor-toothed figure last year.

There's definitely something hanging around at the Chained Oak near Dimmings Dale, pictured here (image courtesy Lee Starkey)

The Chained Oak

If you've been on Hex at Alton Towers Resort, you'll know all about the Chained Oak - the terrifying ride is based on the story.

Legend has it, one night in the 1840s near Dimmings Dale, the Earl of Shrewsbury was stopped by a mysterious old man who asked him for a coin.

After the Earl refused, the man cursed him and promised a member of the Earl's family would die for each branch that fell from the tree. Later that night, a storm ripped one from the tree, and the Earl's son suddenly died!

The Earl had the remaining branches chained together, and they are still holding them to the tree today, almost 200 years later.

Thanks to @lstarkey86 for sharing his image.

A crow is often seen near Molly Leigh's grave in Burslem, pictured here - is it the witch's best friend? Image courtesy @Gypsophilala

The Leopard

The Leopard is a hotbed for ghoulish goings-on, with stories of unholy presences, and things being inexplicably thrown across rooms.

One of the regulars was the mysterious Molly Leigh. Accused of being a witch by the local parson, she sent her pet crow to turn the beer sour at his favourite pub!

Some say if you sing 'Molly Leigh, Molly Leigh, chase me round the apple tree' at Molly's grave, you'll see her ghost, and every Halloween, people descend on it to test the theory - are you brave enough to try it this weekend?

Thanks to @gypsophilala for this haunting pic!

The Ancient High House is thought to be one of the most haunted buildings in the country - dare you go on the ghost hunt this Halloween?

The Ancient High House

As the largest timber-framed building in England, dating back to 1594, the Ancient High House in Stafford has seen its fair share of horrible histories!

TV crews from Most Haunted paid the House a visit in 2006, keen to meet the old lady seen in the rocking chair, or the tall, dark silhouette often spotted standing in doorways.

They couldn't explain the spooky sightings, but perhaps you could find some answers this Halloween!

Join the ghost hunt on Saturday 29th October and you might discover which secrets lie within the walls.

Mary Queen of Scots, pictured here, is just one of the spectres seen at Tutbury Castle

Tutbury Castle

The famous King's Bedroom at Tutbury Castle is said to be one of the most haunted rooms in Great Britain, drawing paranormal investigators from France, Japan and even Australia!

It's most well-known as the home of The Keeper, a man in a suit of armour known for shouting at guests. The crew from TV's The Past Hunters, including host Derek Acorah, were convinced they'd caught him last year.

The ghost of Mary Queen of Scots - who was imprisoned here four times by Queen Elizabeth I - is also said to prowl the corridors.

In 2004, 2000 people spent the night at the Castle as part of a ghost-hunting event, and it is still a popular destination for seances, vigils and paranormal investigations.

Combine a trip to one of these haunting hot-spots with a visit to one of our spooktacular attractions this Halloween!

Dare you brave the Altonville Mine Tour for Scarefest at Alton Towers Resort, challenge the undead at Terror Farm at Lower Drayton Farm, or take a ghost tour of Lichfield?

Our What's On page has a full run-down of the ghoulish goings-on - check out our list of half-term and Halloween events in Staffordshire >>> 

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