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How to Get the Most from the Tourism Awards


Seven Reasons to Enter Awards

1.    It is a powerful statement of appreciation - Just entering demonstrates that you not only appreciate your team's contribution and ability but that you believe that they should be recognised on a wider stage.

2.    It is an entirely postive experience - Entering an award encourages you and your team to focus on the things that you do well and the results you have achieved.

3.    Create a Differentiator - Winning or even being a finalist for an award could provide a key differentiator for your business in competitive pitches.  This impartial endorsement could be the difference between winning and losing business.

4.    It improves internal culture - Winning or just entering an award changes the perception of colleagues, providing role models, highlighting good practice and creating a winning culture.

5.   It generates positive PR - Winning an award comes with the publicity generated either by the organisers or you - you can generate your own PR.  It is something that sets you apart from your competitors.  

6.   It strengthens your reputation - It demonstrates that large businesses haven't lost their touch and it enhances the reputation of small and medium sized businesses as centres of excellence.

7.    You have a better chance of winning than you think - You are better than you think and many of your competitors will be stuck in a negative rut so they won't even enter!

Seven Ways to Win Awards

1.   What judges want to see - Judges want to understand that the entry was planned, considered and produced results.  Don't just center on the outstanding results as these could have been luck!  Demonstrate tangible as well as financial results.

2.   Back up your statements - All entries will state that establishment is excellent, but judges will be looking for evidence, sales statistics, quotes from clients and even anecdotes which will all help.

3.   Keep it simple - Use simple English and keep it clear, especially watch out for internal acronyms and references which will mean nothing to the judge.

4.   Get an objective view - It is easy to miss the obvious good points and the best way to avoid this is to get your entry reviewed by someone who is not familiar with the detail of your entry.

5.   Enter a number of awards - Once you get started it get easier, you learn about the entry process, how to draft a winning entry and you can often just adjust one entry to suit another award.

6.   If you don't get shortlisted, ask for feedback - Our judges are quite happy to send you a report on your entry.  This will only be for the two weeks following the award ceremony.

7.   Keep going - at first if you don't succeed, use your feeedback and then try again


Seven Ways to Make the Most of Your Awards 

1.   Maximise your coverage - Use the contacts, photos and other PR opportunities provided.  Launch a social media campaign to shout about your results.  Tweet succeesses, engage with the LinkedIn group to show results and discuss activity.

2.   Use the award - It is a third party endorsement of your excellence.  Use the logo widely on your website and literature

3.   Communicate your success - Everyone wants to be part of a winning team - let it motivate your staff and celebrate what is good about your business.

4.   Invite clients to the awards - How powerful to invite you best clients to an event where you are in line for an award.

5.  Network - the ceremony is a great opportunity to network in an informal environment.

6.   Learn from success - Use the good practice which you will gain through the award process to improve your business.

7.   Celebrate.  Just have a good time with your colleagues - the Awards are fun!

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