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NFU Mutual Enjoy Staffordshire Tourism Awards


The  winners were revealed on 15 November 2016 at the prestigious Alton Towers Resort Conference Centre.

A full list of the winners can be found here.


Want to take part in next year's competition?


We will be opening for entries in the Spring.

Below is a list of the categories for your information.  Any further information, please contact Anita on or 01785 276765


New Categories for 2016

1. Hotel of the Year:  Full service hotel.

2. Boutique Accommodation/Small Hotel of the Year:
High quality, smaller hotels and more professionally-run guest houses and B&Bs offering excellent service.

3. B&B/Guest House of the Year: Max 6 bedrooms and owners must live on-site and must offer breakfast.

4. Self Catering Property of the Year: One property only, in any one location.

5. Self Catering Holiday Provider of the Year: Specifically two or more properties at one location

6. Holiday Park of the Year:  

7. Glamping Provider of the Year: where this is the main operation.

8. Small Visitor Attraction of the Year:  Attractions under 75,000 visitors and/or fewer than 10 full-time equivalent paid staff

 9 Large Visitor Attraction of the Year: Attractions with over 75,000 visitors a year.

10.Guided Tour of the Year: i.e paid/volunteer guides in an attraction, bus tour guides, boat trip guides etc.

11. Dog Friendly Business of the Year: Not just accommodation – any tourism business

12. Tourism Pub of the Year: Any "Taste" accredited pub in Staffordshire that makes a significant contribution to tourism in their area. 

13. Restaurant of the Year: Must be Taste accredited.*

14. Tea Room of the Year: Must be Taste accredited.*

15. Food Retailer of the Year: Must be Taste accredited. Winner doesn't goes up to Visit England Excellence Awards.

16. Sustainable Tourism: Tourism businesses that can illustrate their excellence and commitment to sustainability best practice.

17. Inclusive Tourism: New title for Access for All.  Providing inclusive tourism experiences for all visitors, particularly disabled people and others with physical and sensory access needs such as older people.

18. Business Tourism: Any business that offers a high quality experience to the business visitor and/or generates tourism through staging high quality business events

19. Experience of the Year:  Any attraction that offers an ‘Experience’ of a significant nature and may relate to a specific activity, or a special package offering. Any tourism enterprise can enter that provides an outstanding unique experience for its customers.   The winner doesn't go up to Visit England Excellence Awards.

20. Taste of Staffordshire Awards - Taken from the overall winner of Restaurant and Tea Room. Enters into the Taste of England Award.*


Visit England Rules

  • New:  Gold winners from 2016’s VisitEngland Awards may not re-apply for the same category in 2017 (one year’s gap only)


    Reminder: There is no longer a requirement for accommodation or visitor attraction applicants to have a VisitEngland or AA star rating or accreditation. However, if the business is part of VisitEngland’s scheme, the judges will use the most recent report as part of the evidence during the first stage of the judging.

    VisitEngland will shortlist no more than five or six businesses from each category. These will all be visited by the judge(s).


  • VE judges will ‘mystery shop’ as many categories as possible, so businesses should only apply if they are open for business for at least part of the period from third week in October 2016 to third week in February 2017.


  • All shortlisted businesses (only) will receive verbal and written feedback.


  • Applicants must agree to reimburse the judge and partner for any overnight stay, any meals taken or entrance fees paid.


    Follow this link 

    for full details on what the Judges require

Enjoy Staffordshire Rules


There is no charge to enter the awards. For 2016 entry will also include one free ticket to the awards lunch. Tickets for the lunch will be £30 per person.

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, business can enter as many categories as they was as long as they meet the required criteria for each category. However, separate application forms must be submitted for each.

Can I enter the Taste Awards without being assessed for the Taste of Staffordshire Marque.

No, as judging of taste awards:- Restaurant, Food Retailer and Tea Room, is through the Judge's visit then you must hold the Taste marque. You can apply for marque assessment by contacting Jo Lloyd - 01785 277397.


All businesses entering the competition can be given written feedback from the judges on request within two weeks of the presentation.

Support Evidence

Please read this section in the application form carefully as submitting the right evidence in the correct way will help the judges reach objective, consistent and equitable decisions. Providing evidence is not mandatory, but will help the judges to fully understand and assess the application. Not everything that is available should be forwarded to the judges. Sometimes less is more!

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