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Contacting the Team


Staffordshire County Council provides the Partnership with secretarial, administrative, accountancy and other services and facilities reasonably necessary for carrying on the business.  Below is the team and what part of the partnership they deal with.

If you have a general query for the team then




Graeme Whitehead

Visitor Economy Manager

01785 277335

Graeme was the first chair of Destination Staffordshire when it was inaugurated in 2006. He is the main driver for the implementation of the strategy and delivery plan for the Partnership working closely with the Board and other private and public sector partners.



Andrea Sammons

Senior Marketing Officer

01785 276261

Andrea is responsible for all of Destination Staffordshire's marketing strategy. Working with the Marketing and Branding sub group, she manages the public relations,  developing, social media and advertising campaigns.



Anita Guest

Website and Business Support Officer

01785 276765

Anita is responsible for the co-ordination of the  Business Support including membership, conference roadshows and Staffordsheer Escapes.  She is secretary to the Destination Staffordshire Board and Data Steward for Staffordshire to ensure that members information is deseminated to all relevent websites as well as managing the partnership website.



Jo Lloyd

Membership and Finance Officer

01785 277397

Jo is responsible for the financial control of the partnership, distribution of all publications through Tourist Information Centres, and local racking services, Taste of Staffordshire and Thillhopper initiatives.



Richard Swancott

Digital Marketing Executive

01785 277986

Richard has joined us to take our social media in hand. He can be found doing Rick's roundup videos around the county.  If you have an idea of a video that Richard can film with the Go Pro to promote your attraction then give him a ring.

He is also looking after local PR so any stories pleases don't forget to let him know!

Richard leads on Staffordshire Day and if you need any help, contact Richard.

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