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For a Scare a minute this Halloween, Staffordshire is the place to be - so visit if you dare!


For those who are serious about their scares, this Halloween holds plenty to get nerves jangling for all who visit Staffordshire, with ScareFests, ScreamFests, Spooktaculars, Code Crackers, Haunted Houses and Halloween Hi-Jinxes.

During the spookiest of seasons, the county is sure to satisfy with plenty of frightening fun, and even a poem to get all those funny bones in the Hallows Eve mood:


At the National Forest Adventure Farm,

ScreamFest’s set to kick off, filling all with alarm.

Alton Towers Resort has lots of freaky fun,

With ScareFest ensured to make everyone run.

Where suits of armour and skeletons can be found,

Tamworth’s and Stafford’s Castles will make everyone jump up and down.

With the chattering of Macaques will also come howls,

Of Trentham Monkey story-tellers as they prowl.

At Churnet Valley Railway a spooky ghost train will be seen,

Where everyone will bundle on but can’t stop themselves scream.

A Halloween Hi-Jinx will be at Consall Nature Park,

So if you have the courage, come down into the dark.

As the Ancient High House ghouls will surely stir,

Where a haunting of ghost stories is bound to occur.

At Moseley Old Hall the pumpkins will leer,

With visitors, both old and young, all caught up in fear.

The Emma Bridgewater Pottery Halloween activity week,

Is sure to be filled with piercing shrieks and unnerving creaks.

At the Shugborough Estate, full of fearful things,

Come down and dress up to see what this Halloween brings.

In Weston Park woods you’ll find a goblin and a ghoul,

So make sure you come along and don’t be a fool.

As a bit of crackpot Halloween fun,

Wedgwood Museum Code Crackers is sure to be won.

At the National Brewery Centre Ghost Tour,

Try your best not to scream and run out the door.

And at the creepy Museum of Cannock Chase,

Halloween Spooktacular will also take place.


All these fantastically terrifying events will be going ahead in Staffordshire throughout October. So with many places to visit and all sorts of activities organised, no one will be short of something to do this Halloween season.


For more information please contact the Destination Staffordshire Press Office on 01734 234224 or email
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