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Five great Staffordshire Pokestops


Staffordshire is great for Pokemon Go! Image courtesy Page Seven Photography

Staffordshire has been well and truly gripped by Pokemon Go Fever!

There are lots of Pokestops and Pokegyms around the county, in some of our top destinations - here are five of the best.

Why not explore some of them this summer and hunt some Poliwags and Slowpokes at the same time?

You'll find loads of pokemon at The Trentham Estate, like Geodude, pictured here

The Trentham Estate

As well as being home to barefoot walks, 14 enchanted fairies and 140 Barbary macaques, The Trentham Estate has loads of Pokestops and four Pokegyms!

There's also a gym - and some great views of the stunning Staffordshire countryside - at the monument of the Duke of Sutherland.

Take a relaxing stroll around the gardens and you might bump into Geodude!

You'll find more than just monkeys at the Trentham Monkey Forest, pictured here, as it's a Pokestop

Monkey Forest

There are plenty of Pokemon to be captured at Trentham Monkey Forest too!

The entrance and park are both Pokestops, and there are a few more dotted around on the paths.

Head along and meet the baby macaques and catch Pidgey while you're at it.

Relax from all the pokemon hunting with a Pokecake, pictured here, at The Swan in Stafford

The Swan

Stafford is a great place for catching Rattatas, like this one in the coffee shop at The Swan.

Many Church of England churches are Pokestops, so you'll also find pokemon at St Chad's and St Mary's, which are both a few feet away from The Swan.

First, take a break from hunting and grab a slice of this Pokecake!

Take on the Charizard, pictured here, at the Tamworth Snowdome!

Tamworth Snowdome

You could always fit in some pokemon hunting around a snowboarding lesson at Tamworth Snowdome, which is a Pokespot and a Pokegym.

There are ski and snowboard summer camps, including freestyle snowboarding coaching from The Booby Trap, plus ice-skating, adrenaline tubing and more, once you've caught everything.

If you fancy a battle, go head-to-head with Charizard in the Pokegym.

Find Pidgey and explore Staffordshire's heritage at the historic Middleport Pottery, pictured here

Middleport Pottery

Explore some local heritage and hunt Vaporeons and Hypnos at Middleport Pottery, home of the BBC's Great Pottery Throw Down, as well as a gym and two Pokestops!

Just don't forget to keep an eye on where you're going - there's a great canal to relax by but falling in it isn't much fun!

Let us know if you find more PokeStops, like this one at Stafford Library

If you find any more Pokestops and Pokegyms while you're out hunting, let us know where they are!

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